Who are we?

We are a black-owned and operated business created by Vincent (Vizo) Allman. Vulcans Logic Networks was created as a reaction to working over 30+ years in the information technology field. During that time, Vizo witnessed many corrupt practices and contradictory ideas about how to manage computer networks and systems, with bad designs and implementations. Often, IT departments and managed service providers do the bare minimum based on their client budgets, or provide unnecessary services to inflate the budget.

Vizo wanted to create a managed service provider company that would always use best practices and still stay within a budget.

This is Vulcans Logic Networks!

What do we do?

Vulcans Logic is named after the alien race of beings found in the Star Trek universe. Vulcans do everything intelligently and logically. All of our designs and systems are painstakingly tested and designed logically. Our focus is to give your company trouble-free technology, so you can focus on growing your business.

Where are we?

Our main office and data center are Our main office and datacenter is located in Harlem, New York, (Vulcans Logic Networks Enterprise, Inc). We have a second location in Queens, New York (Otaku Computer Guy).

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